Pregnant belly painting is now available for all mums-to-be not just the celebrities.

Sick of giving nappies and gender-neutral baby grows at baby showers, why not treat the mum-to be to a gift she will enjoy with pictures she can cherish with her child in years to come.

Or maybe you are the mum-to-be and would really like an alternative to the usual pregnancy photos, and would really enjoy a couple of hours off of your feet.

Pregnant belly/bump/gestational painting creates a lasting memory of a very special moment in time between a mother and her unborn child. Using Australian approved face and body paints the beautiful curve of the pregnant bump becomes a beautiful piece of art creating a gift that can be cherished forever.

The gentle strokes of the brush relax mum as she takes the time out of her busy day to pamper herself.

The vibrant colours and beauty of pregnancy create the most sensational photos that can be hung in the baby’s nursery, or mark as the starting point in the baby’s record book.

Pregnant Belly Painting is generally done between 30-36 weeks of pregnancy at a time that is convenient for the mum-to be. The session takes approx. 1-3 hours depending on the complexity of the design. The idea of the session is to be as comfortable as possible, giving mum the chance to relax and unwind, generally the session takes place in their own home.

Prior to the session we discuss ideas for the artwork, sketches will be provided for approval before the painting day.

Photographs will be taken and sent to you, you are also welcome to take your own photographs, or arrange for a professional photographer.

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